Rewarded [adjective]

Definition of Rewarded:


Synonyms of Rewarded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rewarded:


Sentence/Example of Rewarded:

This information re-decided Caroline, while it rewarded Evelyn.

Bravest and best of children, I thank Heaven that you are rewarded!'

For which prevision he was rewarded with a stinging smack on the head.

And one night it befell that he was rewarded, for the raiders attempted an entrance.

A melodious "Thank you," coming as from another being, rewarded me.

As we paddled we tried our trolls, but were not rewarded with a single strike.

One, two hours passed, and then Dick's patience was rewarded.

We have been rewarded beyond our deserts, and such reward is shameful.

This means that real merit is not rewarded, and that the Duke looks on me with disfavor.

That of virtue makes them admire, and desire to see it rewarded.