Rewards [noun]

Definition of Rewards:

payment, prize

Synonyms of Rewards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rewards:

Sentence/Example of Rewards:

Under this republic the rewards of industry belong to those who earn them.

She had a proper pride in showing the rewards that belong to female virtue.

In short, we believe a future state of rewards and punishments.

The rewards they bestow are sweet, and ravishing, and indescribable.

Vere, bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh, rewards your pain-giver.

Fecundity is the end he proposes, and he rewards with intoxicating delights those who contribute to the fulfilment of his designs.

Of course, their rewards are equally great if they are successful.

It cannot be denied but that Bonaparte rewards like a real Emperor.

Let activity and skill and pluck ever have their just rewards.

It tolerates no compromises and rewards only patience and strength.