Reworked [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Reworked:

The amount of metal which can be reworked is constantly increasing.

The buttonholes had also frayed out, and these had to be reworked.

If a point is reworked into a tool it is still classified as a point.

With the purpose of making that his meaning he reworked his material.

Early placers may be reworked and further concentrated by renewal of the proper erosional and transportational conditions.

Outside the fort a new stockade was erected to strengthen the covered way, and the walls enclosing the town were reworked.

In classifying reworked points if the original type can be identified the point is placed in that type.

Some of the straighter stemmed examples are reworked along the stem side edges, but usually no retouch is noted in the notches.

Lockhart gives an interesting sample of a sheet of Scott's poetry tentatively revised by Ballantyne and reworked by the author.