Rewriting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rewriting:

Lieutenant Willis, you will see each of the men and tell them they must rewrite their letters.

These two sentences are so faulty that the only way to mend them is to rewrite them.

In the mornings he was given a few short clippings to rewrite and that was all.

"Grab a typewriter and rewrite these," he said, handing the clippings to John.

"I shall have to ask you to rewrite that last page," she said regretfully.

I know all these details of his story, because it fell to me to rewrite it.

Smiling, Foma related to him how Shchurov suggested to rewrite the notes.

Dumont offered to rewrite and to superintend their publication.

A similar reason has prevented all attempt to rewrite or alter these notes.

She was wanting to correct the proofs of the book and rewrite the prefatory memoir.