Rewrote [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rewrote:

I rewrote it to make it big, and I made it so big I spoiled it all.

Some of the chapters he rewrote; others he eliminated entirely.

She wrote her stories and rewrote them; then again, and again.

He tells us how often he wrote and rewrote some of his chapters, some of his books.

He wrote it and rewrote it, he read it to his visitors, he told his friends about it.

Accordingly he rewrote his Journal from the “rough minutes” he had made.

By his order, Mr. Oak rewrote the subject from an English standpoint.

I rewrote it five times and I look upon it as my masterpiece.

John Wesley rewrote his journals from entries in rough draft.

He wrote and rewrote, and laid his work by and later revised it.