Rhapsodic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rhapsodic:

And Stanley thought, for he was not rhapsodic 'Wonderful pretty country!

Is there, then, no place for rhapsodic writing in musical criticism?

Then I heard his lips move in the rhapsodic deglutition of babyland dreams.

I asked, wondering 258 what could bring such a rhapsodic light into his hazel-specked eye.

Even a poem as rhapsodic as his "Corn" contains within it a realistic picture of the thriftless Georgia planter.

It is incoherent, rhapsodic, half picture, half suggestion—materials rather than final structure.

Describe to me what are the matters included in the rhapsodic art.

Do you affirm that the rhapsodic art, and the strategic art, are one?

“It teaches us a great deal,” said Rhapsodic Pantril vaguely, but impressively, after the Fern dance had been given and applauded.

Of the writer she first knew through her "Seven Strings of the Lyre," a rhapsodic sketch.