Rhapsodized [verb]

Definition of Rhapsodized:


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Sentence/Example of Rhapsodized:

A vision for an artist to rhapsodize over; but for a God to paint!

I do not wish to rhapsodize; he would have been the first to object to this.

I had a suspicion, but held my peace and let her rhapsodize.

"You must forgive me if I have seemed to rhapsodize," the young man stammered.

Instead of answering the question, Valentine instantly began to rhapsodize about the child's face.

We exhibit it to strangers as we show them the Natural Bridge and Monticello, and expect them to rhapsodize.

A beautiful woman choosing to rhapsodize has her way, and is not subjected to the critical commentary within us.

I hate these folks who rhapsodize sentimentally over children as 'potential little men.'

Madge's hand lay like a span of snow upon my arm, and—but this time I will restrain my tendency to rhapsodize.

Poor little girl, I wish you had something more tangible than illusions to rhapsodize over.