Rhetorical [adjective]

Definition of Rhetorical:

wordy; flowery in speech

Opposite/Antonyms of Rhetorical:

Sentence/Example of Rhetorical:

The Menexenus has more the character of a rhetorical exercise than any other of the Platonic works.

For I do not imagine that I have any rhetorical art of my own.

All of them are rhetorical and poetical rather than dialectical, but glimpses of truth appear in them.

Hardy was desperately in earnest, but not so much so as to be careless of rhetorical effect.

What Inflection is placed on the rhetorical questions in par.

It is no long step from this to the rhetorical question and its formal answer "ay but——."

The first of these is a peculiar use of the rhetorical interrogation.

His sense of decoration was fluid and had no hint of the rhetorical in it.

Mr. Mahaffy calls this “rhetorical consolation,” and the exiles may have been of his mind.

Is there anything more in it than a name—a rhetorical flourish?