Rhyming [noun]

Definition of Rhyming:

expressive, rhythmic literary work

Synonyms of Rhyming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rhyming:


Sentence/Example of Rhyming:

Well, since rhyming's been my ruin, let me rhyme to the bitter end.

In most plays the verses are arranged in rhyming couplets only.

Will this be excuse enough for occupying a few sentences with the rhyming of this poem?

I have enclosed you a piece of rhyming ware for your perusal.

He took precociously to rhyming: like Pope, he lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.

"I used to be rather clever at rhyming things, Pearl," he said.

I wish you could have heard him rhyming off that poetry last night.

I now turn attention to the rhyming of the lines in Negro verse.

A rhyming intimation that exposure to the sun is not favourable to beauty.

I'll show you that rhyming's as easy as lying,If you'll listen to me while the art I unfold.