Rhythmic [adjective]

Definition of Rhythmic:


Synonyms of Rhythmic:

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Sentence/Example of Rhythmic:

In spite of herself her senses swam in the rhythmic monotony.

Lucy Ann could almost hear the gliding of his rhythmic feet.

The rhythmic tapping of glasses on a table could be distinctly heard.

There was no answer, only the rhythmic hum of the levitators.

Suddenly, he raised his arm in a rhythmic gesture of appeal.

They thought also of his form, of the rhythmic and harmonious character of his action.

After that, their rhythmic snores will only tend to soothe and rest you.

Imagination illuminating the moment of fancy with rhythmic persuasiveness.

With the rhythmic jet of his sharp-blown breath and the echoing shout of his axe.

His soul was filled with the music of rhymes and rhythmic measures.