Rhythmical [adjective]

Definition of Rhythmical:

with regular rhythm

Synonyms of Rhythmical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rhythmical:


Sentence/Example of Rhythmical:

The rhythmical run of the line seems, however, to point to the other as the proper word.

Her body swayed gently at every step with a sort of rhythmical swing.

He was light upon his feet, and he advanced with a rhythmical step.

It is the logic of rhythmical equation felt there, almost exclusively.

Acts are ritually repeated at the recurrence of the rhythmical points.

The rhythmical pause occurring in a line is called a cæsura.

They are, when properly presented, rhythmical to the point of perfection.

His speeches have a freedom and a rhythmical flow which captivate the hearer.

Somewhere ahead there began the rhythmical booming of a drum.

Thereafter her transformations were rhythmical, alternating with the day and night.