Rhythmically [adverb]

Definition of Rhythmically:


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Sentence/Example of Rhythmically:

There was a colour in the chaplain's cheek and he swayed ever so slightly and rhythmically in his saddle.

A sort of snort interrupted the snoring which then went on rhythmically as before.

Zollern tapped his cane on the parquet floor, rhythmically, persistently.

“The more you give way, the more give you may,” said Mrs Purkis, rhythmically.

When she thought she always tapped on the floor with her right foot, rhythmically.

The sound of our merriment mixing so rhythmically was music to my ears.

She began to rock herself, slowly, rhythmically, back and forth.

Articulation must be rhythmically in sympathy with the movement or the rhythm of the song.

All must be done in a moment, rhythmically and without local effort.

"At Cambridge there are people to talk to," Helen echoed him, rhythmically and absent-mindedly.