Rhythms [noun]

Definition of Rhythms:

beat, accent of sound, music

Synonyms of Rhythms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rhythms:


Sentence/Example of Rhythms:

To do this in poetry is the supreme distinction not of rhythms, but of words.

To say what these rhythms are will be your duty—you must teach me them, as you have already taught me the harmonies.

But this cataract of dried leaves, too, is a study in the rhythms of the dead.

But since life has got two rhythms, why should art have only one?

Among the other 2-4 rhythms are the Polka, suitable for Ballet work.

These rhythms have been used in medical diagnosis of brain injury.

He tried to hum the rhythms of the beautiful air of the courts.

They are distinctly the rhythms of erudite, "cultivated," "literary" poetry.

And it is by no means sure that the rhythms will make their nodes in us, if we be not the centres of groups.

Cross-roads and squares take on contour, and gather up the nodes of their rhythms.