Ribaldry [noun]

Definition of Ribaldry:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ribaldry:

Sentence/Example of Ribaldry:

These were silent or even made some efforts to restrain the ribaldry of their men.

But he seemed to take little interest in the ribaldry of the other fellows.

Then the lawyer tried to explain to him that no one read the ribaldry.

It is certainly true, that every sort of ribaldry and obscenity are encouraged on the Chinese stage at the present day.

That is an age which moves youth either to ribaldry or to compassion.

This carnival of ribaldry seemed as some picture from the nether world.

And there is rarely much sex feeling, and never a touch of ribaldry.

The air at night was laden with ribaldry and the sounds of guns.

He twittered a snatch of ribaldry that made my foot twitch in my boot.

Forbes felt a ribaldry in the whole situation, an intolerable contumely.