Ribbing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ribbing:

At this stage, too, the pathological 'ribbing' of the hoof is observable.

I took a lot of ribbing from contractors in that vicinity once the word got round that I was building Stoddard's house for him.

The new form of government introduced by Ribbing, Horn and others was nothing else than that of an aristocratic republic.

The great period of Roman pottery is marked by the ribbing on the outsides.

This ribbing broad and narrow alternately is carried down the leg.

They generally stained their glass with, some coloring matter, and occasionally ornamented it with a ribbing.

Ribbing the body of the imitation with tinsel reproduces this effect accurately.

This effect is accurately reproduced by ribbing the body with silver tinsel.

The absence of these and the ribbing of the lead coating was, in his opinion, "less Gothic."

Attach a 20-inch piece of tape to seam at one side of ribbing to tie around neck of bottle.