Ribbons [noun]

Definition of Ribbons:

narrow strip of material

Synonyms of Ribbons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ribbons:


Sentence/Example of Ribbons:

My hair was parted on my forehead and then fell as it liked, for it was not held by pins or ribbons.

I am going to take the steamer chair and do it up in ribbons when I get ashore.

We used to keep him in ribbons to match, and he knew color, too, perfectly well.

He caught the one-eyed elder on his blind side and ripped his ear into ribbons.

All along the walls were numerous prayer-barrels, adorned with ribbons.

Them ribbons don't keep her f'um rockin'; she's all through!

Next came Brighteyes, all flying, feet and curls and hat and ribbons.

As he sat there he was approached by a young lady, radiant in muslin and ribbons.

Alas, her vicious brood have turned on her and cast her ribbons in the mire!

Hurriedly she put on the pretty dress and the ribbons that went with it.