Richly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Richly:

Why wast thou, so richly gifted of the gods, to be taken from us in thy youth?

He richly deserved the punishment, but God would not have struck him that way.

And she, the highly endowed, the richly gifted, what was to be her lot?

I found myself in a drawing-room, small and richly furnished.

Richly repaid him the trouble and cost of a journey from Florence.

It is found on lawns and richly manured pastures from May to November.

At the same time it was provided with vineyards and richly endowed.

Found on dung and in richly manured pastures, from July to frost.

She was richly dressed, but her silks and velvets ill suited the season.

Shrewd, wise, ambitious, and haughty—with these traits she richly endowed her son.