Ricocheting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ricocheting:

Henceforward I could only learn, as it were, by ricochet what was going on.

The similarity of this bullet to that seen in the ricochet in fig. 32 was exact.

Effect of ricochet in the production of severe forms of injury.

Perhaps he had mistaken it for the ricochet of a round shot.

So I tache, as they say at musketry-instruction, by direct and ricochet fire.

But there has been an accident, a ricochet off one of those rocks.

The nose of the bullet is slightly deformed by ricochet at long range.

The missile was deformed by ricochet before striking the bone.

No, my lud,” said Mr. Ricochet, “that was never alleged or suggested.

They ricochet off the ground for a good distance after the first graze.