Riddle [noun]

Definition of Riddle:


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Sentence/Example of Riddle:

The sphinx did not slay herself until her riddle had been guessed.

Percy Roden was gratified, and read the riddle by the light of his own vanity.

"He hasn't got a father," I replied, hoping for some answer as to a riddle.

I had enough of it, and went out, firmly resolved to find the key to the riddle.

All questioning was vain; her heart gave no solution of the riddle.

After having read it, she assured me that this script was a riddle to her.

Juve now knew the answer to the riddle of the bandit's disappearance.

Fandor realised that, in this instance, the riddle of sex was still unsolved.

Scientific men were appealed to, to help solve the riddle, but were helpless.

This, however, like a prophet he expresses in a sort of riddle, for 'Know thyself!'