Riddled [verb]

Definition of Riddled:

perforate, permeate

Synonyms of Riddled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riddled:


Sentence/Example of Riddled:

The meteors that riddled the ship were projectiles shot from their station on Jupiter.

The bullet and the moth have torn And riddled well the dolmans dim.

He could not possibly have escaped with his life, Blake said; he must have been riddled with bullets.

Had I obeyed my own impulse, I should have been riddled like any colander.

Washington's clothes had been riddled by bullets, but he had escaped injury.

Phillips, his chum, had died fighting, and was riddled with shot and lance wounds.

Most of these were so riddled by worms that they were falling to pieces.

A volley is fired, and the chateau windows are riddled with balls.

It had been riddled with blast-rifle bolts, and had exploded.

While doing this, my kilt was riddled with bullets, though I escaped unhurt.