Rider [noun]

Definition of Rider:

equestrian; commuter

Synonyms of Rider:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rider:


Sentence/Example of Rider:

Crane remembered his own suspicion as to Lucretia's rider, but he only said, "Well?"

All at once he remembered that the face of Lauzanne's rider had a dream-like familiarity.

A "bronch fighter" is not more jealous of his sweetheart than of his reputation as a rider.

The industry and movements of the rider were not less remarkable than those of the ridden.

In an instant horse and rider were spinning around like a top.

Midway in them, they met a rider, riding at the maddest gallop.

Hereupon he clapped his hand to the horse's flank and off went nag and rider.

The rider was close beside it, but lay quite still where he had fallen.

As this rider passed, he checked his steed, and called him of the Maypole by his name.

If so there was equally the probability of a rider upon its back.