Ridged [adjective]

Definition of Ridged:


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Sentence/Example of Ridged:

Very deliberately he struck him across the face with three ridged fingers.

They rested on ridged earth, black against the cold, grey sky.

The wall beside us had been smooth, but now it was broken and ridged.

It was all naked rock, ridged and pitted, and everywhere yellow-tinged.

The interior, high ceilinged to the ridged roof, was unbroken by supports.

The face which was thrust into the Commissioner's was ridged and veined with passion.

His fingers felt the ridged wrappings and the smooth, warm stone of the bowl.

It seemed half maniacal, it was so ridged with bright eagerness.

It is clothed in a smooth, brown bark, ridged only in older trees.

They are, in short, mountains of elevation, ridged up by tangential thrusts.