Ridges [noun]

Definition of Ridges:

raised part of solid

Synonyms of Ridges:

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Sentence/Example of Ridges:

The Guides and Buffs now climbed the ridges to the right and left.

As early as the year 1798 there was a tavern about a mile from the Ridges, toward Groton.

The ridges with an increasing altitude were crowding in upon us more closely.

Along the Iverak ridges the Austrians made a determined advance.

The Austrian center, along the Tzer ridges, had been pushed back.

Channels for water are formed at right angles to the ridges.

The ridges, as will be seen in Figure 415, run from the top to the bottom.

The pockets formed by these ridges may contain some soft, muddy substance.

The ridges in a washboard help to clean the clothes that are rubbed over them.

Indeed, we were not sure which of two ridges was the actual divide.