Ridiculed [verb]

Definition of Ridiculed:

make contemptuous fun of something or someone

Synonyms of Ridiculed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ridiculed:

Sentence/Example of Ridiculed:

Do you not recollect that only two months ago you scolded me, and ridiculed my plans?

Never in my life did I feel so awkward as then, and it was not strange that you ridiculed me so.

I was now called on to ship, and was ridiculed for wishing to turn shad-man.

Day after day, she was ridiculed for what implied no blame, and admitted of no remedy.

His efforts to invent had been ridiculed and discountenanced.

He appeared before the man whom he had ridiculed as “Billy Button” accordingly.

His amorous exaltations are ridiculed, or else they inspire disgust.

Such a character of God, if not ridiculed by our young men, is likely to be imitated by them.

He had formerly been ridiculed as a visionary, he was now pitied as a desperado.

I ridiculed to my own heart all the extravagance of such a project.