Ridicules [noun]

Definition of Ridicules:

contemptuous laughter at someone or something

Synonyms of Ridicules:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ridicules:

Sentence/Example of Ridicules:

The persons whom Plato ridicules in the epilogue to the Euthydemus are of this class.

Franco Sacchetti (nov. 151) ridicules their claims to wisdom.

He ridicules the arrogation to itself by the 'Compact' of a monopoly of loyalty.

It ridicules the highest motives, and degrades the most heroic achievements.

If a man sneers and ridicules, we are not to retaliate with ridicule and sneers.

He ridicules with much sarcasm Weber's overture to 'Oberon.'

In a letter to Mcenas (xix) he ridicules his imitators and mocks at his critics.

Though he discards the notion of a devil, I do not find that he ever ridicules it.

Why a-prigging of wipes, and sneeze-boxes, and ridicules, and such.

But the person who ridicules it has a great deal to be ashamed of.