Ridiculing [verb]

Definition of Ridiculing:

make contemptuous fun of something or someone

Synonyms of Ridiculing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ridiculing:

Sentence/Example of Ridiculing:

Why it would be ridiculing you to suppose you could believe him.

He allowed himself the pleasure of ridiculing his Louvain antagonists.

And what can more successfully annoy than the ridiculing of that which a man worships?

Intelligent people in the East are studying, not ridiculing the West.

After laughing at and ridiculing him, as is the custom with us, I asked how he could make them out?

Ridiculing superstitions, he lay still and tried to plumb the stars.

We had long been ridiculing the Germans for their ersatz ingenuity.

Those were your very words—deny them if you can, or that you were ridiculing them.

That evening the king said to me: “You have been ridiculing my ministers.”

The public press was not behindhand with statesmen in ridiculing Oregon.