Ridiculousness [noun]

Definition of Ridiculousness:


Synonyms of Ridiculousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ridiculousness:

Sentence/Example of Ridiculousness:

Grave, dignified, sombre, a laugh made him frantic to ridiculousness.

Of course all that we are thinking about at the moment is his ridiculousness.

Get the picture and the situation in all its ridiculousness.

What made it funny, of course, was the ridiculousness of the drawing.

But do you know what is the most tragical feature of my ridiculousness?

Suddenly he fell to laughing over the ridiculousness of these meditations.

I asked, shocked, though amused, by the ridiculousness of the whole affair.

"Now, Robert, none of your ridiculousness," his wife warned him.

In the letter On Injustice can come the ridiculousness of the law that the elder gets all.

He also became impressed with the ridiculousness of his position, and determined to “overcome his weakness.”