Riding [verb]

Definition of Riding:

carry or be carried

Synonyms of Riding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riding:

Sentence/Example of Riding:

All this Robert thought over as he was riding in the cars to the city.

“Alack me no alacks,” she interrupted, holding up her riding rod.

He could see them buckling on belts while they were riding with the reins in their teeth.

Halfway up the stretch Allis was riding stirrup to stirrup with her father.

It's your lover you're riding for at this time of the night, or I'm no judge of the sex.

Jockey Redpath had been riding Lucretia in her gallops since she had come to Gravesend.

Shorty, who had just come in from riding, unbuckled his spurs and kicked them under his bed.

As he pondered, riding slowly homeward, a thought occurred to him.

Before he could decide this point, his friend Russell returned from riding.

You have now your personal things for eating, sleeping and riding.