Riffling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Riffling:

Then I saw a fire over here, and just managed to make the riffle.

"I'll back my boys to make the riffle," confidently asserted Roque.

At the bottom of each ledge is a riffle to arrest the particles of gold.

In the third riffle, seven cards have to be held up, and in the fourth, ten.

Riffle—A groove or strip to catch gold and mercury in a sluice.

I'll go in just below the riffle and explore the cellar-hole!

Only too often, in fact, it will be drawn in despite every effort to avoid the riffle.

One can drift a riffle stern first that is too rough to ride any other way.

We had to cross a rapid river at a riffle where the motor-cars were just able to make it.

We took my remuda, the spades and axes, and started for the riffle.