Rifling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rifling:

The bullet was a Guedes, with no marks of rifling, and was in no way deformed.

These other marks were made by the rifling of the barrel a barrel like this one.'

Showing the machinery for boring and rifling heavy ordnance.

"Go on with your task of rifling the traveller's saddle-bags," she said, but made no movement to go.

Then he cut her throat, and leaving her for dead on the bed, 019proceeded with his rifling.

Ross was rifling his little brother's pockets with an air of business.

In 1746 Benjamin Robins taught the principles of rifling as we know them now.

Or was it because some inkling had reached her as to the rifling of Greta's room at Lamborough?

On the paper, rifling on three supports, was a small triangular board.

The rifling consists of narrow grooves and bands, 45 of each.