Rigging [noun]

Definition of Rigging:


Synonyms of Rigging:

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Sentence/Example of Rigging:

I soon began to climb the rigging of the brig, ascending to the mast-heads.

The sight of these chaps set up all my rigging, and I felt ripe for fun.

The pinnace was then stripped of her rigging and of all the goods which remained.

I started as though I had seen a tabby pounce down from the rigging!

The wind, falling over the cliff, played mournfully in the rigging.

They went up the rigging with faltering and desperate efforts.

There's the rigging still to do, and the deck, and then down in the hold!

The rigging, the fishing gear and other trappings, were not yet aboard.

"I am glad I did not go climbing up the rigging," said Rollo.

There they saw the little bird perched upon a coil of rigging.