Righteous [adjective]

Definition of Righteous:

good, honest

Opposite/Antonyms of Righteous:

Sentence/Example of Righteous:

Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his!

She seemed to be holding to it in the face of righteous judgment.

But mind, my most righteous and well-beloved, I will have no flattery.

We all have our righteous secrets, and should all respect the righteous secrets of others.

God says, all the horns of the wicked will be cut off, but the horns of the righteous will be exalted.

They are, on whole, righteous laws, made in the defence of these very girls.

And yet the truth is, that God is righteous; and of men, he is most like him who is most righteous.

He separates the righteous from those who must forever be sundered from their God.

Thieves might have gods favorable to them quite as well as righteous men.

For do not men regard Zeus as the best and most righteous of the gods?