Rightful [adjective]

Definition of Rightful:


Opposite/Antonyms of Rightful:

Sentence/Example of Rightful:

Certes, we were traitors when we left our rightful lady for a stranger.

But I thought you must leave the coach, with all the rest, to the rightful heir.

Then you regained your sanity and put him in his rightful place.

We did not want the farce, that night, even as our rightful due.

And very glad her rightful lord and master was to have her back again!

From this point on 89 De Launay took his rightful place as a mere appanage.

For the first time, he saw the woman whom he had loved, in her rightful woman's guise.

It was to make over to you, as the rightful owner, the property on the Arran Islands.

Then do you really think he regarded this claim as rightful and just?

"After all, I am alive and young and rightful owner of this money," she said to herself.