Rightly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Rightly:

But he was a man and his own master—if you can rightly call a man his own master that does them things.

I don't want to trouble him, but I was bound he shouldn't keep from me what was rightly my due.

No suspicion or fear can be rightly directed toward our country.

My wife had rightly told me, Sir, that you were a very clever and honest man.

Now Wiseli first rightly understood these words, and felt their full meaning.

He shall see it rightly, and you shall not be thus disgraced.

I explained that I had not contradicted myself, that she had not rightly interpreted my words.

I was, perhaps, the more ready to do rightly because I felt that I was not compelled to it.

An English gentleman could rightly have had no part or lot with either of you.

He does not rightly consort his instruments, or he tunes them in different keys.