Rigor [noun]

Definition of Rigor:

strictness, exactness

Opposite/Antonyms of Rigor:

Sentence/Example of Rigor:

Then I am full of regret for you, because—because I know the rigor of police discipline.

It was judged not proper for me to return, considering the rigor of the season.

It is like an iron country, and the spirit is oppressed by its rigor and melancholy.

The other patient was seized with a rigor the third morning after delivery.

The mine owner did not speak, but the rigor of his eyes did not relax.

"Rigor mortis," Doc Candle diagnosed, with a wink to Collins.

It was true; the rigor was that of increasing fever; her cheeks were scarlet.

The evil had gone to its utmost limit, and could not be cured by rigor or persecution.

What a Prussia; for rigor of command, one huge prison, in a manner!

Were God to deal with us according to the rigor of his laws, we should all be lost.