Riles [verb]

Definition of Riles:

anger, upset

Synonyms of Riles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riles:

Sentence/Example of Riles:

Thet is, he's cruel when I riles him, as I got a habit o' doin'.

The idea of his threatenin' to shoot me with my own gun; that's what riles me most.

I jest can't put my finger on the spot that riles me, but that man riles me.

About that, too, there is something that riles the New England blood in my veins.

In the home of Riles I am afraid you have seen but little self-control in any form.

Could Mr. Riles spare London from nine to eleven for a job like that?

When you chuck it 'em as you dash by, it riles wus than the row and the dust!

Them that likes masters and mistresses may have them, for all me; but it riles me to meet with meanness.

It riles her, and a riled woman burns up things: masters, husbands, cooking or worse.

That's the way your mind works when you are with her, till it seems a plain waste of time, and riles you way down to the ground.