Riling [verb]

Definition of Riling:

anger, upset

Synonyms of Riling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riling:

Sentence/Example of Riling:

They rile me—that talk about 'people in the humbler walks of life.'

An' arter a day or two ye come back an' look agin, an' where's the rile?

His p. 156letters in the papers used to rile my people terribly.

And when you rile up at the rot about "'Arries Abroad," I agree.

Rile some other pool with your clumsy hoofs, and let your betters alone after this!

Is that true, or did you make it up to "rile" the old Governor?

But you did rile me awfully by saying you hadn't got the money.

It was enough to rile up venom in the heart of a born cherubim.

"The water is too rile to drink" was the remark of a servant the other day.

"I shan't tell you if it's going to rile you, old fellow," was his reply.