Ringed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ringed:

The ringed mail fares not far with famous chieftain, at side of hero!

They were through the mountains that ringed in the fiery pit of Tonah Basin.

His eyes were ringed and bloodshot with fatigue, and with incipient snow-blindness.

The moon, ringed by a halo, shone like an opal in the milk-white sky.

This day we saw a number of water-snakes, that were ringed yellow and black, and towards noon we passed a great deal of rock-weed.

He was about five-and-thirty years of age or so, but not a 'keshla' or ringed man.

Her eyes were red and ringed, and had a look in them worse than the look of tears.

But her eyes were ringed, and slightly filmed, as if with recent tears.

Madame extended her thin, ringed hand, laughing softly the while.

The tree and Smith are ringed by Indians, each of whom has an arrow fitted to his bow.