Ringlet [noun]

Definition of Ringlet:

curled hair

Synonyms of Ringlet:





Opposite/Antonyms of Ringlet:


Sentence/Example of Ringlet:

She admitted the truth, with eyes dwelling on him, until a ringlet got displaced.

It is her boast that no man, save Carmelo, has ever touched so much as a ringlet of her hair.

From this he removed a ringlet of black hair, probably a love-lock of Ellen's.

Impatiently Penny brushed a ringlet of golden hair from her eyes.

Is our modern usage of "ringlet" found before the time of Milton?

"Floy," said Paul, holding a ringlet of her dark hair in his hand.

It was the opinion of people that this ringlet betokened King Olaf the Saint.

These ringlets were of various colours; but one ringlet surpassed all the others in beauty, lustre, and size.

The favourite haunts of the Ringlet are the borders of woods, and the sheltered sides of flowery hedgerows.

But the scissors were at hand, and the ringlet was cut and in his pocket before she was ready with her resistance.