Ripen [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ripen:

Tradition vaits for years to ripen vine and make it perfect.

Such likings at first sight often ripen into lasting friendships.

I'm green, but in the sunshine of your experience I agree to ripen rapidly.

That done, he was to return and ripen his preparations for the business he had undertaken.

I gave the scullion a Louis, and went away to ripen my plans.

But he had sown a seed of misliking, and it had opportunity to ripen.

The outside of Braja Babu's head had then already begun to ripen into grey!

Only as fast as we need additional activities do they ripen.

Figs are green before they ripen, and then they turn yellow.

Under the earth, on the earth, in the air, ripen'd his threefold crop.