Ripostes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ripostes:

My attack had lured him, as I desired that it should, into making a riposte.

But he did not add that he had tried to deliver any riposte.

May I venture to suggest to your Excellency that your riposte is more brilliant than safe?

I instantly replied by a riposte, but failed to catch him napping.

Somehow, though, the riposte fell short of its expected result.

Burlingame was stung by the laughter in the court and ventured a riposte.

The first riposte of the French Generalissimo had been delivered.

And thirdly, that your situation be as rear to the guard as possible, as to favour your riposte.

Was such diabolic quickness of riposte even 64 creditable to her years and sex?

His opponent with a desperate promptitude parried and riposted; the parry only just succeeded, the riposte failed.