Ripper [noun]

Definition of Ripper:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Ripper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ripper:


Sentence/Example of Ripper:

Bob Pillin saw her white round throat, and thought: 'She is a ripper!'

Is it so lovely really, that Aunt Dodo has settled to marry the Ripper?

"Jack Chesterford, because he is such a ripper," said Nadine.

In the parlance of the Lieutenant, the old horse was indeed "a ripper."

Its a ripper, the gramophone, I mean, like some other people I am thinking of!

Jack the Ripper manifestly had something of the same idea about his use of the knife.

Poe would not have been puzzled for an hour by the vagaries of Jack the Ripper.

Tartuffe and Jack the Ripper—was ever such a combination in the history of the world!

It's a ripper of a kite with a great gilt star on it that's got eight prongs.

"That's a ripper your friend Amaldi's got," he said to Sophy.