Ripping [adjective]

Definition of Ripping:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ripping:


Sentence/Example of Ripping:

I say, Henry, there's a ripping sketch of a new kind of engine in this paper.

A ripping crash like the crackle of lightning in the vaulted room!

She did not heed his swift gesture in ripping back the buckskin vest.

But I have hoped—I believe—She's such a ripping girl, you know.

Lancelot said to his porridge-bowl, over the spoon, "I think he's ripping."

I could have a ripping lot of fun if I could make this machine go.

She had turned her back to the view—which was ripping, out of her northern window.

Gangs of men were everywhere, ripping and tearing at the mountain side.

They had him down, snarling and ripping, a mad ferment of fury.

Don't you sympathize with me, when I expected her to be so ripping?