Ripple [noun]

Definition of Ripple:

wave; wrinkle

Synonyms of Ripple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ripple:


Sentence/Example of Ripple:

"I see you have found him," she said, with a ripple of laughter.

Presently, her happy musing was broken by a ripple from the outer world.

But the water, smooth again now, was not stirred by so much as a ripple.

In a few days 412 after the dead were found in a ripple and buried.

Scarcely a ripple marked its progress, and the nose of it slid up on the sand.

It lay like a sheet of glass, so that never a ripple disturbed its surface.

They are in circumstances in which the ripple passes into the wavelet, and the wavelet into the billow.

Miss Colton gave a little scream, which changed to a ripple of laughter.

A ripple of laughter came to applaud Leduc's excursion into irony.

There is then no interruption––no ripple upon the flowing river of our lives.