Rippling [verb]

Definition of Rippling:


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Sentence/Example of Rippling:

The days of the bird and the flower and the rippling creeks are numbered.

"Not I," she says, with arms akimbo and a rippling laugh of knowing mockery.

He took a step toward her, and the rippling scarf seemed to beckon him on.

"Here they come," yelled Drake, echoed by the rippling shout of the crowd.

Just let me sit here, and watch the rippling of that shining river!

Round the little islet the air was full of the talk of the rippling water.

Patricia broke in on her dismal forebodings with a rippling, silvery laugh.

She shook her head and then laughed her rippling laugh at herself.

It sounds like the rippling of waters, and I have told the waters to be quiet in their beds.

When she walked by the river's side, the rippling waters were no sweeter than his voice.