Ripply [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ripply:

What does she do but let loose one of them ripply laughs of hers.

A low-hanging, golden moon, a lake that was ripply but not too rough, and balmy night air—who could ask for more?

Edna laughed her ripply laugh that always made everyone else laugh, too.

His thoughts still ran to blue-gray eyes and ripply hair, but he made no attempt to put them into a story.

Morland, with his ripply hair and the features of a Fra Angelico angel, would seem out of place in khaki.

A pretty girl she was, with eyes as blue as a lake and ripply hair she wore in a big knot.

The ripply appearance left at low water on the flat part of a sandy beach.

Why, without half tryin' I could start that ripply laugh of hers going and get the dimples playin' tag with her blushes.

Then again she brushed and brushed, until the ripply mass shone like unto burnished gold.