Risen [verb]

Definition of Risen:

get up; ascend

Opposite/Antonyms of Risen:

Sentence/Example of Risen:

It seemed like one risen from the dead, for he supposed him lying at the bottom of the sea.

Then he turned to the two in the drawing-room, both of whom had now risen to their feet.

Fig. 14 illustrates a loaf of bread that has risen too much.

When the loaves have risen sufficiently, bake for about 50 minutes.

There wasn't any danger, really, unless—unless the river had risen.

Yet they might have risen above the common in this one instance.

By degrees her voice had lost its cooing tone and had risen to a shriek.

The other man had risen, his face purple from the twist at his throat.

She had not known that the value of books had risen with the price of everything else.

Just as I was risen, in came Kitty, from Robin, with your three letters.