Risks [noun]

Definition of Risks:

chance taken

Synonyms of Risks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Risks:

Sentence/Example of Risks:

And as for Shepler—he wondered if Shepler knew just what risks he might be taking on.

He little thought what risks he ran when he fell in love with her!

The constable did not know whether he was shamming or not, but he took no risks.

"There are risks enough in racin' without lookin' for them," he said.

These are the sorts of scenes that harden lads, and make them fond of risks.

In all my risks and emergencies, I am not sensible of having given a thought to my Maker.

If that is the case, said Altamont, we must get out at all risks.

If a girl mends her clothes on her back, she risks having a drunken husband.

No; but I would not for the world that you should unwittingly run any risks in this place.

At risks too hideous to name I have saved him from it twice.