Risky [adjective]

Definition of Risky:


Opposite/Antonyms of Risky:

Sentence/Example of Risky:

Lieut. Rodgers was convinced that this method was too risky and that some other must be devised.

That, if you will excuse my saying so, seems to me rather too risky a venture.

"Too risky to scale that," Frank mused, as he noted the sharp-pointed palings.

"That was a risky thing you did just then," he whispered to Betty.

It pleased her much to anticipate an end to a risky situation.

The attack was risky, a sort of forlorn hope—but he would take the risk.

And then I had a plan—a risky chance, but a chance, just the same.

Mining in these parts isn't the risky kind of business it used to be.

But it will be seen that it is a risky thing to reckon without one's host.

That will be a risky thing, if you like, under the circumstances.