Risque [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Risque:

O my dearest, dearest life, let me beseech you not to run a risque of this consequence.

But however that be, a man must run the risque, for he must preserve his honour.

You can give Mrs. Blair all the risque Paris gossip at dinner.

He accepted the Wager, and won it at the Risque of his Life.

Here sex is exploited to the point of the risque and sometimes beyond it.

So that in writing to you I run the risque of making a breech in the commandment.

But I will not risque to say on which they dwelt with most relish, ye discourse or ye dinner.

Consider what a risque 219 the Government runs of losing a number of valuable settlers.

His companions looked upon the enterprize as too hazardous, and could not think at all of running such a risque.

In so doing they could have made a summer campaign without running the risque of any misfortune.